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First of all let’s start with some data to understand what and how to drink during a mountain excursion.


Everybody has a different metabolism and “water need”. No matter how different it may be, daily basic necessities are around 30 ml per Kilogram, therefore a 80 Kg person needs around 2,4 liters per day.


Each person loses 1 liter per hour uphill and this quantity goes up considerably at high altitude due to low humidity. Therefore, in addition to the daily “dose”, the body requires approximately one liter more every 10 km during excursions. Obviously these data do not take into account many other important factors, for example, season, difference in altitude, training, body mass, etc.


In any case our tip is to drink at least half a liter of water some time before starting your excursion and to keep on sipping small quantities every 30/45 minutes.


It is better to drink water at ambient temperature and not mineral water, because it is too diuretic and has not mineral salts. You can choose to drink energy drinks and fruit juices as an alternative. Absolutely avoid coffee and tea, at least uphill. As soon as you get to the summit you can enjoy your hot tea from thermos flask. You deserve it.


In any case, it is always good to drink before you are thirsty, otherwise sudden loss of energy.


If you are thirsty, your body is already dehydrated, it has lost sodium, your salt balance is altered due to osmosis, your body takes liquids from blood, oxygen transport slows down, etc. Therefore, it is not good especially if it still takes much time to arrive.


After your excursion, it is fundamental to replenish your fluids drinking a lot, but taking small sips every 5 minutes.


It is all for the moment.

Soon in our post we will write about various ways to find and decontaminate water in the mountains.