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Kayland. A story to be told.

KAYLAND. Step ahead.

Kayland®’s main goal is the production of high quality outdoor shoes designed for a highly specialized market, with particular focus on foot anatomy and dynamics, technological research, careful materials selection, innovative design.

The maintenance of a high profile standard in quality ensures to Kayland® a position of excellence in the outdoor global market. Product and service quality are the basis of customers’ loyalty and of a positive brand image. This is our challenge. We want top athletes and mountain professionals to proudly wear Kayland® shoes because they feel their added value in terms of performance.

We want travellers and explorers to wear Kayland® shoes because they are functional and comfortable. We want people to wear Kayland® shoes, because we are passionate as they are.

KAYLAND. A step back.

Kayland® story goes back to 1971, when Giovanni Bittante founded a high profile shoes manifacturing company, specialized in technical shoes and boots for mountain activities and for the outdoors.

The company works closely with a team of professionals: the Kayland® Professional Team in order to forecast market trends and realize products that remain at the cutting edge in every market sector in which the company is present.

The Evolution.

Since March 2013, Kayland® is part of M.G.M. brands portfolio. M.G.M. is since long time a wellknown company in the outdoor market and it has a reputation of excellent R&D deriving from almost hundred years of shoe manufacturing experience of the leading families.

M.G.M. was also born in Montebelluna (TV) in 1982. For many years the company led important cooperation projects with worldwide sport&sportswear leading brands.

Pro Tester Team

To be a strong brand you have to create a strong community. The company working group and the newborn community run deep at Kayland® and help each other growing and reaching a real global dimension.

To make the Kayland® community bigger and stronger we acted first at the core.

More and more the company is involving mountain professionals and athletes from all over the world, to give their contribution first in the R&D process and then in brading actions.

Relying on acknowledged alpinists and alpine guides give us the chance to push our limits in innovation and research and to properly transmit to our customers the real value of Kayland® shoes.

Together with our test team and with all our followers around the world we try to do our best and never stop creating and innovating in the outdoor shoes field.

A step ahead in mountain shoes manufacturing.