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4001 GTX | A review by Jaime Moreno Montes

We received and share with great pleasure a review of our ambassador and tester Jaime Moreno Montes, this time working with the Kayland 4001 GTX boot on the most demanding and beloved mountain terrain.

The bet and commitment of Kayland with the technical and high performance in mountain footwear are fully realized with this model. After a long season of snow, ice and mixed in which I was able to test the model 4001 GTX, I can say that it is a boot that behaves exactly as the brand promises. With its real 445 grams in size 42.5 EU (8.5 UK) it is positioned as one of the lightest models on the market in its category, if not the lightest... However, this lightness does not compromise thermal insulation nor its robustness. The elastic ripstop fabric with which the integrated gaiter is made, perfectly resists friction with rocks, ice and crampons. More resistant is the fabric used in the instep and in the lower part of the sides, which on the inside of the boot reaches the ankle to ensure resistance to the slings of the crampons. The rubber band made with the new Diamond technology offers greater strength and insulation, protecting our feet in rough terrain and extending the life of our footwear. In the inner part also the tongue is raised to protect the boot from possible knocks with crampons. Likewise, the Diamond material is elastic, which provides dynamism and comfort in technical passages. So we will not have the feeling of carrying a heavy and uncomfortable armor on our feet, the best balance between comfort and protection. If we add to all this the rigidity of the fiberglass and aluminum insole, we really have sturdy and reliable footwear. The comfort of the 4001 GTX is evident only by wearing them. A well designed and very well developed model that provides a very stable housing in the heel, thanks to the fast and differential lacing system that facilitates customization and closure even with cold hands or gloves. A real success, even if the most remarkable in terms of comfort is the extra space in the area of ​​the fingers: in this way we can move our fingers with freedom and the sensation of cold disappears. There's nothing worse than cold, insensitive fingers trapped at the tip of a boot ... With the 4001 GTX this does not happen. Try them and you'll see it. The waterproof zipper, simple and effective, facilitates entering the boot, without locking the Velcro and adding weight; asymmetric, guarantees ergonomics and durability. When closed, the zipper is housed in an elastic padded compartment, preventing accidental opening and preventing it from creating pressure points on the tibia. The Vibram® Teton outsole and PU inserts in the heel and toe guarantee stability and safety in crampon attacks. As for the performance of Vibram, there is little to say that we do not already know. Another key aspect for Kayland is the use of the Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort membrane. This membrane combines a resistant sheet of waterproof membrane with a layer of insulating foam and two other layers of fabric: with cold temperatures it worked perfectly while maintaining a surprising thermal insulation for a shoe of its weight. For me the model 4001 GTX takes a step forward in the boots of its category, highlighting the comfort and ease of wearability (what is important in situations of uncomfort or extreme cold) and showing a very good technical and thermal insulation for its lightness. Undoubtedly a model to take into account in difficult mixed routes, icefalls and large alpine walls.


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