Orders are temporarily suspended due to website renewal

An important communication for your online shopping

Kayland wants to inform that the brand is currently victim of a huge image damage perpetrated on the web by some people who are unfairly endorsing the Kayland brand and product, pretending to sell various items online from our collection at unrealistic prices and without having ever bought them from the parent company. No delivery follows to payment and the consumer is then cheated.

Therefore, we encourage to pay attention every time you are making an online purchase by verifying site ownership data (the vendor must declare its details within the site itself) and that the selling company has actually purchased the goods from MGM SPA.

For any doubt during the purchase, please contact us at  info@kayland.com. We also ask you to report any possible scams that you can be victims of, thus helping us to protect our brand and our product by debunking every fraudulent action online against us and yourselves.

Finally, we invite you to place your order to our dealers and their online stores, to be always sure of the reliability of the purchase you make. You can alternatively rely on our official store available in this portal.



yasin soylu

I'm undecided between two boots SUPER ICE EVO GTX BLACK RED and APEX PLUS GTX BLACK RED Which provides better thermal insulation?


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