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ANNAPURNA | The most dangerous eight-thousand?

Among the Himalayan peaks, a special mention goes to the Annapurna, the tenth peak of the planet, an imposing massif made up of several contiguous peaks with the highest reaching 8091 meters above sea level.

It is the most dangerous mountain, statistically, among all the eight thousand and more generally it constitutes the mountaineering challenge with the highest risk rate to conquer the summit. This is not due to the technical difficulties foreseen by the normal route, as is the case for K2, but to the continuous avalanches, to the unpredictable weather conditions and to the extreme situations that are found in the crest route to reach the top.

The annals report that the first ascent was carried out by a French team in the 1950s; since that time, numerous expeditions have taken place, with a mortality rate of over 35%, the highest in the entire Himalayas. The base camp of Annapurna, however, is one of the most famous and evocative trekking routes in the world; also called Sanctuary, it provides for the departure from the tropical forests of lower Nepal to end at the foot of the massif, in a full Himalayan climate.

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