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Apex Plus GTX - Ice Climbing test

Boots are a crucial component to guarantee an optimal mountain performance. The market offers many opportunities to choose the right boot for your activity. What to need to be aware of is:

1. what’s your purpose

2. your foot anatomy

We tested for you Apex Plus GTX by Kayland. These boots are developed for technical mountaineering
and challenging "trekking" on high-altitude. They are suitable for snow and ice performance, mixed terrains, compatible with automatic crampons and durable for demanding hiking and expeditions.

We tested it in ice climbing and snowshoes, in both cases these boots ensure extremely high performance.

Apex Plus GTX features  GORE-TEX® Duratherm XL® membrane that keeps feet and fingers perfectly dry and warm even in cold conditions. Water doesn’t penetrate, while sweat comes out easily. The insole board is made of glass fiber and aluminum which allow an excellent insulation even at low temperature. The "Bi-density Smart PU" midsole allows heel protection and cushioning.

It is stiff enough to be crampons compatible, while being very comfortable in motion. The Vibram® outsole allows an excellent grip on rough terrains.

A quite expansive boot we warmly recommend for your mountain experience.


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