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ASIAGO AND THE PLATEAU | Itineraries through history

Among the most important sites of the First World War and in particular of the Italian front, Asiago is part of a territory, the one of the seven towns or the plateau, which has deep historical roots. In fact, these counties were the architects of one of the first forms of democratic government, the Admirable Regency of the Seven Towns, with capital in Asiago, which enjoyed rights of separate land from the Serenissima Republic of Venice until the fall of the latter by the hand of Napoleon, and the subsequent annexation to the Austro-Hungarian kingdom.

During the Great War, Asiago found himself in the territory of nobody, between the two lines of the belligerent armies: it was completely razed to the ground, and rebuilt as soon as the hostilities ceased. Today, the territory of the plateau is a summer destination of excellence, for the variety of routes and routes that allow you to practice different sports, including trekking, mountain biking, paragliding and many more. There are many paths that branch off along the slopes of the peaks that enclose the plateau, among which it is worth mentioning the Ortigara, sadly known for having been almost completely riddled by the Italian and Austrian howitzers during the war.

The history of these places can be studied and better known thanks to the various thematic museums in the plateau and visiting the impressive war memorial of the three years of war, on top of the Leiten hill, which has become one of the symbols of the province of Vicenza. To reach it, you can walk from the center of Asiago and follow the evocative Via degli Eroi, dotted with cypresses on sides, for about a kilometer until you reach the imposing structure in the shape of a Roman arch, 47 meters high, whose inner walls contain the bodies of over fifty thousand soldiers who fell during the events of the First World War.

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