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BIBIANA ZAES - I do not believe anything is impossible

Job: Architect

Date of birth: 18/01/1986

Nationality: Spanish

Favourite Kayland shoe: Vertigo K Low GTX

Specialty: rock climbing

Architect by profession, I love learning about the world and also what which forms it: people, flora, fauna ... born in the sea, I discovered the mountain and its walls a few years ago, so now I develop my professional and personal life around them. Bouldering, rope climbing, multipitch, alpine stile and ice climbing made me had nice adventures in a beautiful places and better people.

Always active in my youth I played sports like karate, volleyball and sailing for years. Once discovered the world of mountain climbing, I combined all the passions, but due to my rapid evolution in the bouldering, I focused my vocation into this dicipline. In less than a year (10 months) I sent 7c boulder, climbing on the rocks just on weekends, with no planned trainings or visits to the gym.

Although the numbers are not my ultimate goal, I would lie if I did not acknowledge my ambition to overcome more difficulty barriers, which would involve experience new physical sensations and personal limit for now unknown . After this short time of making contact with the boulder and know a little more, my desire is to achieve more ambitious goals.

Alongside climbing, now I combine the sport with running and trekking , two activities that relax me and calm and I practice almost daily.

I love climbing in all its specific disciplines. All of them give me new motivations, make me live new experiences and discover new places.

In the short term take every day as a new adventure to live and to learn.  A long-term follow my dreams, fight for them and learn on the go, get stronger, braver and wiser.  Travel and see new areas, new people and thus be filled with new experiences that enrich me and make me feel alive.  I will live each adventure as if it were the last.

Always motivated to learn and discover, I do not believe in the impossible way.


  • Maestro Shifu 7c: Hoyamoros, Spain 
  • Cockbit 7b+ : Zillergrund, Austria
  • Alien 7b: Hampi, India 
  • Renconetre Plafonique 7b: Fontainebleau, France
  • Jos le Beau Gosse 7a+: Rocklands, South Africa
  • La memel 7a+ : Fontainebleau, France
  • Espíritu del vino 7a+: Albarracín, Spain
  • Last minut 7a: Algund, Italy

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