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CARE AND MAINTENANCE OF LEATHERS | Use these suggestions to keep your Kayland footwear always healthy and functional

Kayland shoes are made with materials and leathers of different types, which require care and sometimes special maintenance procedures to preserve their functional feature and thus allow the footwear to last over time.
For example, we recommend special treatment when taking care of boots made from greased leather. This material, as well as the greased nubuck, is a skin worked from the outside, enriched with a large amount of oil or wax. The leather experts differentiate waxed or greased smooth leather and greased nubuck.
To increase the durability, we recommend using a foamy product to clean these leathers, while to maintain the shiny and matte effect of the surface, you can use a wax-based product. Finally, the slight natural shine can be restored to the footwear by shoe-shining it with a soft cloth.
On the other hand, there is another procedure involving the care of painted leather, which is a material made of real leather or sometimes with synthetic materials, covered with a layer of special PVC or polyurethane paint. The appearance of the leather can vary from smooth, granite or embossed. In some cases there may also be metallic pigments, visible under the painted surface.
Unfortunately, dust and dirt are immediately visible on painted leather shoes. For this reason, it is necessary to use a cloth more often than usual to clean them. For cleaning, we recommend the use of a delicate foam. To maintain the elasticity of the material, the use of a product with specific additives is also highly recommended. It is therefore useful to use special liquid or spray products, but never oil-based products, as they may leave traces on the paint. Since the folds due to use are easily marked on the painted leather, to avoid their formation it is necessary to put the footwear in shape after use.

Using these easy and practical precautions, your Kayland footwear will always be ready for use, keeping their technical and functional qualities unaltered.

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