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Carpe Diem | Claudio Migliorini tells us about an emotional adventure

Kayland ambassador Claudio Migliorini decided to share some thoughts and describe one of his latest adventure, an emotional climb on a ice fall on Monte Bondone.
“Carpe Diem. Few kilometers from Arco, on the Adige valley, among the hills of Monte Bondone right over the city of Trento, sometimes the cold creates a long and majestic ice fall.
According to the local experts, very few times in the years the ice fall was in condition to be climbed. Since last January those conditions where checked, we could not miss this chance. So, ready, steady, go!
The ice fall is exposed on east and with my friend Lorenzo Daddario we climb the first part totally with the sun: a real pleasure!
We are at the base of the key point of the climb, a huge ice candle, that the sun starts to turn the corner. I’m climbing some meters and I notice that, at the base of the candle, there is a massive crack, the ice column is well anchored but the sun did warm too much and there is a lot of water running… Better to wait a little bit.
Therefore, we decide to stop and reach a comfy jut from where it is possible to keep an eye on the whole ice fall. We wait there and even get some rest in the sunlight, a real delight.
Once we get back to the candle, now in the shadow for quite a long time, things are changed: one look above, another at my mate, and then without stopping I’m climbing one of the greatest route on ice fall of my life!
It was once again the right time to use my Kayland Apex Plus GTX: light and precise, ideal for this technical and fast climbs on ice falls".

Photo credits: Giampaolo Calzà

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