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CHILE | Fátima Gil new fascinating project

Our ambassador Fátima Gil has started an adventurous trip to Chile, one of the most attractive climbing spot in South America. 

It’s the project of a lifetime, filled with adventure, driven by the curiosity to discover distant, wild and extreme places. Chile is so immense, wild and varied from north to south that my trip is open like the crevice of a glacier… 

A country of extremes and most of all, with its incredible climate; that’s why I have opted for comfort with the two of the warmest and most technical models from the Kayland range, the 4001 GTX and the 6001 GTX, technical mountaineering boots with high insulation properties, ideal in extreme environments.

I hope to fill you in on my adventures on the mountains in the north, the volcanoes in the centre, and the extremes of the south!

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