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Climbing in England | Jaime Moreno Montes invites you to enjoy the gritstone

If a mate proposes you to take a trip to the English countryside to climb self-protection routes of between 8 and 20 meters, where you have to find a way to remove the gear and get off them, where there are no fixed gear on the crags (well, neither on the crags or in the whole school) and between pieces there are some interesting "trips" that threaten to hit your bones on the floor if your feet suddenly slide and you accept, maybe something is not right in your head. .. And if two friends more are also interested and the trip is decided, your climbing friends are just as insane as you are.
But there are good rock and long traditional climbing routes in dozens of destinations! Yes, but none of those destinations has the flavor and legend of traditional British climbing and its famous Gritstone. And you can't have a few tasty pints at the local pubs.
It's what it has to be deep fans of the British "trad", its characters, its stories... and its Real Ale. Most people will not want to follow you, but if you have the opportunity to go, do not waste it. I assure you that you will desire to repeat.
Whatever your climbing skills are, you'll find routes to enjoy: perfect cracks, heart attack's slabs, roofs, boulder... Of course, do not expect to find bolts. If anything, a rusty pegs with 60 or 70 years.
We, as good fans, dedicate ourselves to climb classic lines, to drool under the "edges" as Archangel or Master's Edge, to be under the routes we had seen so many times in the old Grit videos and enjoy the healthy and casual environment of climbing in England.
Go and enjoy!!!

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