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CROSS MOUNTAIN GTX | Versatile boots for mixed terrains

Igor Kremser, Kayland's ambassador and tester, has decided to share with us some impressions on the CROSS MOUNTAIN GTX model, after having tested and evaluated it in action.
Shoes for a period of transition
Observing for a while my shoe collection, I discovered that I was missing a pair for the transition period - that is, when it is already spring in the valley, while at higher altitude, there are still winter conditions. It immediately becomes too hot for me, which is why winter shoes are not an option, because I can not stand the feeling that my sole is "in the kitchen" and this shock can not be avoided in spring-winter conditions with insulated shoes. The light summer shoes, however, can not be taken into consideration, because of the use of crampons, they would bend too much and walk with crampons would be far from optimal, on the very hard snow even impossible.
Then I came across the new Kayland Cross Mountain GTX hiking boots. Their official description caught my attention: "These shoes are ideal for use on mixed terrain, from rocks to narrow paths, from snow to ice". With this, one of the conditions was reached, and it was not the most important for me because, for the specific shape of my foot, I have problems with finding appropriate shoes.
Also, I spend a lot of time with mountain shoes, so I do not take any compromise on comfort (but, basically, not on other segments - usability, quality, etc.). After reading a promising description I tried the boots and the first impression was very good. With the help of a very well-designed lacing system, which has the same width as the laces loops along its entire length, I was able to adjust the shoe easily along the entire foot and the feeling was right. Good grip - even on the heel – and great comfort!
I repeated the whole procedure with adjustments for a few more times to make sure everything was as it should be. (Well, do not think I like doing so much - actually, on the contrary - but while I'm off work, in Kibuba's shop, I can do it). It was therefore time to test them on the field!
I used my trekking shoes for the first time on a tour from Vrata to Bivak II and through Rokavski ozebnik to the top of Srednji Rokav. At the end of the day, I almost thought about making a copy-paste of the above description of the shoes: a warm inside and a lot of mixed ground (grass, earth, roots, rocks, etc.) in Bivak, and then on top of Srednji Rokav, from soft to hard snow, shorter areas of mixed terrain (snow and rocks) and, of course, slightly lower temperatures.
The shoes impressed me with versatility and comfort. They were not too hot for my feet at the start of the tour and I did not feel cold on the snow. They fit very well and the ankle is very stable on all slopes, regardless of the type of ground (terrain, grass, snow). It is possible to hook the semi-automatic crampons and they are rigid enough to allow climbing also on the front points, while the sole bends very little.
In short, the boots behaved very well and I have been using them regularly since then. I recommend them to anyone who wants to have a versatile shoe for spring and winter conditions.

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