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DAVID BOUFFARD |Season highlights

My name is David Bouffard, a canadian ice climber and member of the national ice climbing team, maybe you have had the chance to read my review about the Ice Dragon, a few months ago. I had the chance to try these amazing boots during my third season of competition. During more than five months, in 10 country across the world, I took part at two series of competitions for a total of 11 international competitions, with the Ice Dragon by my side. I was part of the UIAA ice climbing european cup, the UIAA ice climbing world cup and for finish I took part in the UIAA ice climbing combined championship in Moscow in Russia. Let me take you inside my world and take part in this amazing adventure that was this season 2019.

Before talking about my season I think, it will be nice to introduce you a little bit to the competition world. I try to don't go to deep on this part but if you are interested to know more about it you can go on the network of the UIAA. The world of ice climbing competition is an amazing circuit, divided in two series of competitions and two world championships. The two series include the European cup and the World cup, for the championship you have the Combined and the World Championship. The athletes fight in two disciplines. The first and more popular is the difficulty, this discipline is very similar of the rock climbing competition except for the equipment and pointage system. The second discipline is the speed climbing, consisting at a sprint on a 12 to 15 meter wall of pure ice.

Let’s take one serie by one. I begin with the serie that I started my season, The UIAA European cup. This circuit had a total of 4 events, in Bern, Domzale, Zilina and the finale of the serie was in Oulu, in Finland. For this serie, we fight on one discipline, the difficulty. During this season I manage to stay on the top 15 for each competition. In Slovenia I past at one position of the final and finally I find my way to my first final of the season on Slovakia, where I manage to take the 7th place of the ranking.

It’s the moment to jump on the important serie of my season, the UIAA ice climbing world cup. On this serie I took part in 6 international events, that took place in Cheongsong, Beijing, Saas Fee, Rabenstein, Champagny-en-vanoise and the final in Denver. During all of this events I had the chance to take part on my first difficulty semi-final for this season in world cup at Beijing, where I reach the 10th position. I repeated this amazing experience also in Denver, Colorado with a 16th position. In speed climbing I had an amazing season with four finals and one podium. I reach the 15th position in China, the 15th position in Saas-fee, the 13th position in Italy and I made my first podium in Denver, I was the first men in North America to win a medal in speed ice climbing, with a second place and my first 8 second run in speed.

During this amazing season of competition I had the chance to see so many countries, to climb in incredible international events and to enjoy some outdoor days of drytooling with my Ice Dragons. I finished my season with a 24th position of the lead /difficulty overall ranking and the 8th position in speed. But the most amazing of all of this season was sharing precious moments with the ice climbing family.

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