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DENIS URUBKO INTERVIEW | The cooperation with Kayland

Recently, one of the most important portals of the sector, Outdoortest, asked some questions to our Denis Urubko, to better understand how the strong Russian-Polish alpinist joined our ambassador team and what developments he is carrying out with the company. We propose here a part of the interview.

Hi Denis, we ask you right away how your collaboration with Kayland was born.

Everything started very lightly, as I like it. The company has a young team and with great enthusiasm, we immediately got on the same page. Important developments are underway in the high-altitude ski boot category, and I’m trying to bring my experience in this field.

What did you like about Kayland?

In terms of footwear, with the Apex Plus model it was really love at first sight, I find it a real "boot to dance on the mountain" that fits perfectly to my foot.

For leisure and simpler workouts, I use the Gravity, which has been my faithful companion even in the approaches to the recent expedition to Patagonia, having a foot with a wide plant this shoe is simply perfect!"

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