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ECO SKI ADVENTURE 2019 | Update on the expedition

The Eco Ski Adventure 2019 project continues. The team led by our Edmond Joyeusaz arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal, to continue the operations that will lead the expedition to the top of Everest, as part of an eco-mountaineering project aimed not only at expedite and top the highest peak on the planet, but also to the collection and storage of the incredible mass of dirt and garbage that accumulates, each year, among the various base camps that lead to Everest.

The project's blog talks about first impressions of Nepal and the capital, where everything takes place at a different pace from the western one and where frequent blackouts threaten reportage work... But there is also time for the feeling after meeting with the sherpa, ethnicity of fundamental importance for expeditions and guardian of most of the secrets of the Himalayan mountain.

In a few days, Edmond's team will reach the advanced base camp, at an altitude of 6500 meters, and from there it will start the time window for the team, in which the summit of Everest must be reached.

More updates will follow.

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