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Etna Spirit | On the slopes of the highest volcano in Europe

Push yourself on the slopes of the highest volcano in Europe, or discover breathtaking treks and sceneries

Right next to Etna slopes, in Sicily, a group of mountain professionals organizes guided tours and treks really close to the volcano, in order to appreciate the fabulous environment, the landscapes and the peculiar features of Sicilian culture, even from a gastronomic point of view.
It is Etna Spirit, which offers a range of tours to the top of the mountain, the visit to the slope hit by the great eruption of 2002, the hike inside lava caves and many more, among them it is worth mentioning the visit to fluvial park of Alcantara, really a unmatchable sight.
Kayland is standing by the side of these guides on the Etna, in particular with our model Cross Mountain GTX, which showed great adaptability to the special terrain of the volcano. Lava stone, once it has cooled down, is extremely abrasive, so it is necessary to wear durable and technical footwear. The sole package of Cross Mountain GTX is designed for this use: soft and stable microporous wedge, coupled with Vibram® Mulaz Evo outsole, providing great grip on all surfaces, built with a long lasting compound.
Etna Spirit work gives also important feedbacks on the boot, which is used in really stressful situations: the Cross Mountain GTX, anyway, is reliable on challenging and mixed treks, thanks to its constructive lightness and to the last, technical but at the same time with a high comfort. A crossover boot, a four-wheeler that will thrill on Etna lava slopes and on gravel descents from the Sicilian volcano.
Good luck to Etna Spirit for their activities, it is important to get people to know and appreciate a lunarlike environment like the volcano.

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