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Expeditie Academie | A real mountaineering and hiking academy

A real mountaineering and hiking academy, teaching dutch trekkers to become real alpinists

Kayland is official partner of Expeditie Academie, a dutch association of guides and professional, training and instructing mountain lovers and young trekkers to become real experts of mountains and expeditions, without forgetting safety and environment preservation guidelines.
In the Netherlands, more than 60 thousand people join every year the NKBV, the national alpinist and mountaineering federation. This is an incredible high number, compared on total inhabitants. For this reason, it is crucial that pro teams, like the Academie, give an intense expedition and mountain activity program, together with training sessions on the field, physic and psychological lessons and wide materials and techniques knowledge. The team includes expert mountain guides, with European certifications, and they follow directly the preparation in class and on the mountains, and finally the expeditions, too.
Kayland is one of the top technical partners of Expeditie Academie staff; the brand has been chosen for versatility and technicality of the whole collection. Just few days ago, the Academie received a supply of brand new Gravity approach shoes , and they have already tested and appreciated them, with enthusiastic reports. Thanks to this partnership, Kayland will participate at Bergsportdag, the most important and crowded outdoor festival in the Netherlands.
For more details on Expeditie Academie, the programs and the activity, please visit their official website and the Facebook page.

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