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Edmond Joyeusaz and his team in front of the Everest

A few months ago, we talked about the project Extreme Adventures: a steep ski project of our Edmond Joyeusaz, who had reached the end of the "European" part with the first complete descent on skis of the north-eastern face of the Matterhorn, one of the most famous and iconographic views of all the Alps.

Now, the adventure of Edmond and his team members has moved to Tibet, more precisely on the border between China and Nepal, where the imposing Everest massif, the Mother Goddess of the Universe (Chomolungma) as it is called by Tibetans stands out scraping the sky. The project has in fact reached its peak, the goal is the difficult descent with skis of the Hornbein Couloir, an impressive gully of ice and rocks that runs through the north face of Everest from the top to the base, for almost three thousand meters of difference in height, which few have managed to climb and no one has yet managed to descend.

To this difficult feat, Edmond and his team have attached the commitment to clean up the part of the mountain they will travel from the mass of dirt left by countless expeditions that over the years have crowded the Everest: just think that since 2008 it have been collected an amass of about 12 tons of waste, with the Eco Everest Expedition project. The group of mountaineers will remove all the ropes used for the ascent and, during the return route, will follow the Tibetan normal route to clean up the mountain at least in part. Perhaps this is also worthy of being considered a very high profile challenge.

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