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FAMILY TRAILS | For everyone enjoyment, grown-ups and kids

Trekking and more in general hiking related to the mountain environment may seem, at first glance, an exclusivity for adults and experts in the practice. This is partly true, considering difficult routes, which require knowledge of mountaineering techniques and the basics of climbing.

However, in the same mountains, you can find many trails and itineraries suitable for all members of the family, even the smallest, given the fact that they are adequately equipped with clothing for the season, a light backpack and boots suitable to protect and support the child’s foot. These light trails are usually positioned in the first part of more complex mountain routes, require minimal effort and almost always the overall height difference is very light. During the walk, on the equipped itineraries, there are also areas dedicated to children, with playground, space for family picnics, grills and even toilets.

However, should there not be these spaces with structures, the treks always lead to a mountain hut or mountain farm, where children will certainly find refreshment and a great interest in nature, animals and the landscape surrounding them.

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