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"The World's Most Beautiful Mountain" | Fátima Gil climbing Alpamayo

With almost 6000m, in particular 5947m, Alpamayo is one of the most beautiful mountains on the planet.
Mount Alpamayo is undeniably the jewel of the Cordillera Blanca, in Perù - renowned worldwide for the beauty of its near-perfect pyramid of ice. Alpamayo has fascinated mountaineers, and climbers come from all over the world each year to attempt the serious and difficult route to its summit.

On June 16 2017, after 3 days of trekking and several days spent in the camp 1 to bring all the material, our athlete Fátima Gil, wearing the Kayland 6001 GTX boots, ascended along with his partner Marc Subirana, this beautiful mountain by the route "Direct French" (450m, D +, 70 °).

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