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FÁTIMA GIL – Dreaming the Alps

Adventurer, outdoor woman, lover of sports in nature. I am a high performance athlete and member of the Spanish women's alpinist team.

Since I was a child I always said I wanted to be an alpinist. Before even knowing anything about the Alps and where were these big mountains of my dreams. Before even knowing it meant to be a mountaineer. It is possible that we come up with our destiny fixed by the stars. Anyway, now that I'm older I climb mountains. And that makes me feel a tremendous joy and satisfaction.

What I feel when I climb and on the tops of the mountains, is unrivaled. That mix of value, adrenaline, strength, concentration, friendship, passion and happiness.
Although suffer, be cold, hungry, thirsty or I feel tired, I always want to return to the discomfort that makes me feel alive.

"Life expands if you have the courage to take risks and overcome limits."



  1. Spagna: Naranjo de Bulnes, Galayos, Pedriza, Rodellar, Pirineos, Riglos, Peñon de Ifach, Cabezo d,or, Cabañas del Castillo, Hoyamoros, Peña Puerta, Gredos, La Cabrera, El Chorro, Cuenca, Margalef, Siurana, Cavallers, Las Hoces de Vegacervera, Vilanova de Meia. Quiros, Espiel, Reguchillo…
  2. Italia: Cerdeña (Capo Testa, Cueva Millenium, Cala Luna, Cala Gonone) y Pre Dolomiti.
  3. Portugal: Casal do pianos, Escusa, Sintra, Cascais, Portiño da Rabida, Monfortiño.
  4. Francia: Gabarnie.

AFRICA: Marocco (Taghia)

AMERICA : Stati Uniti

-NEW MEXICO: El Rito, Cholla, Tres Piedras, John Damm, Sugar Loaf, El Salto Y Questa Dome.

-COLORADO: Rocky Mountain y Boulder.

-OREGON: Smith Rock.

-IDAHO: City of Rock.

-UTHA: Indian Creek.

-CALIFORNIA: Yosemite y Josua Tree.

-ARIZONA: Miller Canyon.

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