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Fatima Gil x BMW X3 | The beautiful Spanish climber is the star of last BMW commercial

Fatima Gil is a really unique climber because, besides being known for her achievements on the mountains, she is a famous showgirl and actress, being features in many tv shows and commercial ads in the past few years, balancing this activity with her passion and love for the mountains.
Recently, her skills as an actress and as a climber were blended together in a strange way: she was in fact protagonist of the latest TV commercial by automotive colossus BMW, launching the bran new X3, the compact SUV dedicated to a young and sporty public. Here is a sum up of how things happened, in the words of Fatima herself.
The opportunity to make this incredible tv commercial rose, and it could be elsewhere, on the mountains. Precisely, in the most hidden part of the Pyrenees, while we were touring the Carros de Foc with cross skis. I got a surprise call in one of the most isolated hut of the area, Estant Llong hut at 1985 m. From there, with some help from my squad, Robert the hut keeper, and Marc Subirana (IT expert) I was able to make a Skype video call. Lucky enough, Robert had internet installed in the hut few weeks before.
I spoke with London for 10 minutes or so, whilst my friends waited in the kitchen, trying to keep laughs. The situation could not seem more surreal yet at the same time more authentic. Surrounded by skis, drying skins, ropes and axes, I spoke about many things. My passion for high peaks, for climbing, for mountains, the most incredible adventures, my friend Vicky Vega and our trips together. Things happen for one reason and luck was on our side, that night. The very next day a storm surprised us and we got stuck in the unattended hut of Colomina. From there, it would have been impossible to make a video call.
Few days later, when I was starting again to live the city, I got a message. They wanted to meet my climbing partner. We set up a three way Skype call, London, Vicky in Sevilla and me in Madrid. Then, we spent entire days choosing ropes colors, materials, clothes. Sending out pictures, videos and putting all our energies in the process. In the end, they decided. They want both of us, we’re going to Norway.
Doing my job is always rewarding, mostly because I love it. But if you ca share it with a friend and this is intimately connected to your passion, then it becomes a unique experience.
To shoot the spot, Fatima chose our Kayland Trotter GTX W’s, a practical and lightweight boot, ideal for trekking and mixed use, comfortable also on uneven terrains. With a suede leather resistant upper, Gore-Tex® Performance Comfort membrane, injected construction for lightness and stability and Vibram® New Makalu outsole, developed to increase easy striding.

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