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FRASASSI CLIMBING FESTIVAL 2018 | A renewed special partnership with Kayland

Also for this year, Kayland renews and consolidates its partnership with the event Frasassi Climbing Festival, which will be held in the magnificent village of Serra San Quirico from 7th to 9th September. An event that now attracts several hundred people from all over Italy, eager to try the various activities included in the program and to see the art of respectable climbers, engaged in the challenges like the famous Climbing Warrior.

Frasassi Climbing Festival aims to bring together, in a perfect place for variety of terrain and opportunities for doing various activities, climbing and trekking enthusiasts who care for the surrounding natural areas. This means giving space to everyone to try every kind of sport connected to the territory, such as the speleological exploration, the hiking route, the street boulder in the village, the trickline and more. The combination of spectacular competitions and open area for everyone is interesting, allowing people to meet companies and to test products in the field. Precisely for this reason, the Kayland test area will be equipped with a wide selection of approach, trekking and hiking models, among which will be the Vertex and Gravity GTX styles, which will be exalted on the mixed ground of the Gola della Rossa Nature Park and Frasassi.

Various collateral activities are planned to differentiate the Festival's proposal: among these, the interesting evening meetings with the protagonists of Italian climbing, and the morning yoga sessions, which make participation in this unmissable event even more stimulating.

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