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Frasassi Climbing Festival 7-8-9-10 September 2017

The Frasassi Climbing Festival is coming up September 7 through 10 2017, in Parco della Gola della Rossa e Frasassi, the park representing the “green heart” of the region of Marche.
Kayland is one of the main sponsors of this great event: four days set aside for enjoying everything the area has to offer through the many different sports that can be practiced here.

The 2017 event  includes:

A competitive climbing marathon open to everyone wishing to attempt the most beautiful cliffs in Parco Gola della Rossa e Frasassi, a Street Boulder Contest in which contestants face problems discovered amid the winding lanes of the ancient medieval village, and a sporting climb in which artificial structures will be made available to anyone wanting to experience the thrill of rock-climbing for the first time. Speleology and educational excursions in the many caves present in Parco Gola della Rossa e di Frasassi nature reserve, and Trekking  with naturalists to introduce you to the wonders of the reserve and take you to enjoy the most amazing views in hidden corners of the park. Plus children's workshops about the environment featuring creative activities using natural materials and a Mountain Bike rental service and school for children and adults alike.
As well as meetings and conferences with mountain-climbers and rock-climbers, music and fun in the FCF village.

The Festival is intended for everybody who loves the outdoors, nature and the environment.

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