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GIUSSANI HUT | An exclusive sightseeing on the Tofane

We continue this week our discovery and description of some of the most popular mountain huts in the Alps with the Giussani, an alpine refuge located at an altitude of 2561 meters, right in the middle of a canal that separates the Tofana di Mezzo from the Tofana di Rozes, a place that is known as Forcella Fontananegra.

Built in the second half of the nineteenth century and inaugurated in 1886, the second of the Ampezzo, this hut was completely shaved to the ground due to the events of the First World War; in the area, in fact, furious were the fights between the Italian alpine troops and the corresponding Austro-Hungarian Gebirgstruppe, because the saddle represented a strategic access route to the underlying valley.

Rebuilt and enlarged in the first post-war period adding a second building, a military war depot which was dedicated to General Cantore, which fell right in Fontananegra in 1915, the Giussani hut was further enlarged with a third construction, thanks to the intervention of an important bank Italian, and dedicated to the lawyer Camillo Giussani, a great mountain lover and president of the banking institute for many years. This refuge is now the main building, while the nineteenth-century hut, called Tofana, serves as a winter bivouac; the Cantore hut, on the other hand, is not currently in use.

How to reach the Giussani refuge? There are several access routes, some very simple, which require for the arrival a short time using the efficient road network of the Ampezzo area. However, the most evocative route is certainly the one that starts from Fiames, just north of the center of Cortina d'Ampezzo, at the beginning of the natural park of the Dolomiti d'Ampezzo, and goes up through the spectacular Val Travenanzes and the Majarié de Tofana with astonishing views of the mountains and the entire valley.

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