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GORE-TEX | Essential technology for technical footwear

At Kayland, the research and development of new footwear has always been aimed at the construction of technical products, which increase the performance of the individual, guarantee an optimal degree of comfort related to the activity performed and manage to maintain the dynamic and morphological properties unaltered for long time. To do this, the brand carefully selects the materials and technologies that meet these requirements: a partner of excellence, essential to deliver a complete technical footwear, is Gore-Tex, producer of a particular membrane, the result of a process of innovation and complex invention that never ceases to evolve and improve, which guarantees the shoe waterproofness and breathability.
How is it achieved? In short, the water vapor particles formed inside the shoe are smaller than the nano-perforations that run throughout the membrane inside, while outside the perforations are smaller than the water molecules, in fact blocking the liquid inlet towards the foot.
What does it mean to have the Gore-Tex mebrane available? First of all, it is a recognition of the brand, because this technology is not available to everyone, but only to certain partners selected by W.L. Gore, the company that owns the membrane, according to market positioning criteria, historicity, excellence in the construction of the product. Giving the possibility to build the shoes with the Gore-Tex lining, therefore, adds an important value to the product, and in this way it is possible to increase its technicality and performance.
Kayland is part of the small group of companies that actively collaborates with W.L. Gore also with tests of new technologies and variations of the lining, with a view to constant improvement implemented by the company. This allows a common desire for development and higher performance, which are reflected in the mountaineering and trekking collection of the Italian brand.

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