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Guido new life | Emontzioni, a new approach to the mountains

Guido Bonvicini, alpine guide and former member of Liberavventura, is dedicating to a new project, always in connection with his beloved mountains.

Guido Bonvicini is a renowned alpine guide, one of Kayland historic product ambassadors, who recently dedicated himself to a project way different from usual guiding and mountain exploring.

Emontzioni, when mountain teaches you the emotions (and how to connect and dominate them)

The key for Guido is very simple: mountains are always connecting with strong emotions and feelings, like fear, love, pain, trust… It’s just a matter of learning how to manage them and to overcome uncertainness. Mountains are perfect for training, they are full of risky situations, tricks; they’re the perfect ground to test your ability to dominate feelings and help yourself being better. Together with coaches and psychologists, Guido is offering some programs to discoverwhat he has always knew about mountains and his job, what drives you to the limit is always inside you, and you have to deal positively and manage it.

Guido has a very evocative website that explains all his work and is very active on social media too.




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