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ICE CLIMBING AND KAYLAND | A binomial success

Since its foundation, in 1971, Kayland has been researching for performance and technicality in manufacturing boots and shoes specific for mountaineering and outdoor activity. An important part of this history of footwear is dedicated to ice climbing, a particular specialty that requires the use of an external device - the crampons - to climb on ice walls (mostly waterfalls or glaciers). The construction of shoes for this discipline requires lightness, rigidity, safety for crampons hold and use, and in some cases the development of specific ice climbing shoes, as the integrated crampons boots, which are the best choice for competitions in ice climbing style and drytooling.
Historically, Kayland has assumed an important role in the ice climbing segment, and in general for the production of ultra-technical boots for climbs and expeditions. For some years, starting in 2003, Kayland was partner of the Italian stage of Ice World Cup, one of the most important competitions in the ice climbing discipline, with some of the best athletes in the world competing, the likes of Evgeny Krivosheitcev, Ice Climbing world champion in 2002 and 2003, member of Kayland international Team, winner of some of the toughest contests all over Europe, among others the ones in Rumania and Slovenia, where the athletes field was massive. The model used by Evgeny was Kayland Ice Comp, a lightweight boot, with integrated crampon built with an aluminium alloy ultralight and ultra-resistant.
But Kayland commitment was not bounded into ice climbing: thanks to Fabio Meraldi, well known Italian mountain guide and member of Kayland Team, in 2003 the Italian brand boots were used to climb the highest mountain on Earth, the Everest, in the same expedition where the Olympic gold medalist Manuela Di Centa took part.
A glorious past that carries fundamental values to build a solid future, rich of perspectives and opportunities: technicality, quality and performance are the hinges where Kayland establish its experience.

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