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ICE DRAGON TEST REPORT | On the field with David Bouffard

David Bouffard sent us his report about new Ice Dragon, which he tested during the World Cup in Saas Fee, Switzerland.

The first part will be dedicated to the feedback of the other competitors. For my second part I am going to talk about the boots.

All of the competitors loved the boots and the design they have. The first day of competition I talked about the features of the boots to all the competitors. They liked the lightweight of the boots and one of the points that seduced the competitors is the fact you can put any crampons on it. Lot of them are very happy to know about the fact the boots are waterproof and warm. They love the way you make the jonstion of the different materials.

It the moment let’s jump to the subject, let’s start with the boots. First thing I need to tell you is that it is very awesome you make the boots compatible with the majority of the crampon support. This gives to every climber the chance to appreciate Ice Dragon without having to modify the boot. They are very comfortable and warm, which are important points when climbing outdoor. In competition we have to kick in the plywood, sometimes this can be very painful for the toes but this time no pain just pleasure. The first day of the qualification we climbed at -17C and the boots keep my feet warm. Adding the fiber carbon outsole it's very nice with the round sides. This gives a very good rigidity at the boot and durability. The Vibram rubber is perfect to protect while the attachment system is very nice, it is very easy to choose the tension you need and to keep it. Combined with the upper ajustement it gives a good fit and stability of the boots. For all of the rest, everything looks very good. The way you make the junction of every different material looks very durable and strong, how you protected the carbon is very good and the boots are very comfortable. The boots are so light I have the impression to have a feather in the feet. I have very good feedback of the other competiteur.

In conclusion, I loved the boots. I have a truly positive experience with them. You made a clever work on it with big innovation. I am very happy to continue to promote Kayland in the UIAA world cup circuit, and I can’t wait to enjoy more climbing and to try them in different situations.

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