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ICE DRAGON | Zero compromises

Lightness, comfort, performance and maximum safety. The four cornerstones of Ice Dragon, the new specific ice climbing and mixed climbing shoe, designed, engineered and made in Italy by Kayland. Innovative technologies applied in every detail, to increase performance, even in the most complicated movements.

This shoe is an authentic concentrate of technology and innovation, functionally combined with expertise to provide a complete and reliable tool in every stage of climbing. The upper profile is sleek and precise, with superior thermal insulation thanks to the Wintherm lining, a material that ensures less dispersion of heat and, thanks to the presence of an aluminum layer, reflects it towards the inside of the shoe. The high profile gaiter with a waterproof zip encloses a quick lacing system with a double positioning option for the Velcro strap, and slings dedicated for the correct wrapping of ankle and heel. The lightweight and thin carbon sole is in direct connection with the bolt crampon, allowing an immediate and safe force transfer, to increase performance on the most complicated moves; the renewed design of the crampon, in treated steel, is ideal for mixed extreme, dry tooling and competitions. The Vibram outsole with Idrogrip compound, inspired by climbing shoes, increases grip on wet and slippery surfaces.

Ice Dragon is the choice for race, intense training and extreme routes: zero compromises for lightness and performance.




when can i buy these shoes? and how much do they cost? What is the weight of these shoes?


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