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IGOR KREMSER | A young star in the Slovenian alpine stardome

Igor Kremser is a rising star in the alpine panorama, having already accomplished many goals and planning for more in the future; a proud member of Kayland ambassador team and avid tester of our footwear range, an activity he excels, given his skills and experience on field. In  fact, he helped our product department in developing some of our new models in the mountaineering category by giving deep and correct advises on performances, insulation, resistance and consumption.

But who is Igor? He’s a professional mountain guide, with more than 50 ascents to Triglav in the course of the last 2 years, with clients from all over the world, and a Slovenian alpine instructor. He completed over 500 different climbing ascents in Europe, Peru, Nepal and China, and currently works as shop manager for three different Kibuba shops, as well as salesman in one of the shops. This activity lets him to share his thoughts and experience to others and to the entire sales team at Kibuba, making a strong statement towards Kayland performance and trustability.

But what really put Igor on the international alpine scene was the 2012 nomination at the Piolet d'Or prize for best ascent. Together with fellow Slovenian alpinists Ales Holc and Peter Juvan, they managed to make the first ascent of the Xuelian North-East (6249m), in the Xuelian Feng range, Tien Shan, China opening a new route called “Arête of Trust”. The route, dedicated to Andrej Magajne - a Slovenian alpinist who lost his life in Slovenian mountains on March 8th, 2011 - follows the northwestern arête for more than 3 kilometers, whilst the 2400 vertical meters, with other 400 meters along the summit ridge, required two days and two half days of simul climbing on alpine ice, snow and mixed terrain. 

The route was completed between July 27th and 30th 2011 at ED2, AI5, M5+ in 36,5 hours of effective climbing. The summit was reached at 2pm in bad weather conditions with low visibility due to clouds.

A great feat for the Slovenian team which gave them popularity in the alpine climbing community.

Looking for a new experience with a mountain guide?
Igor is ready to guide you to mountain trails and climbing routes in the safest way.
You will explore the vertical world in a different way.  
Find your trip here: https://www.explore-share.com/mountain-guide/igor-kremser/

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