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I’ll be back stronger then ever | The rehabilitation journey of one of our top ambassadors

One of our ambassador, the alpine guide and national ski instructor Mario Taller, ha recently suffered a terrible injury on the snow. We got in touch with Mario to understand what happened, how he is doing with the rehabilitation and what are his next goals.
Hi Mario, how are you now?
“Well, I’m feeling ok, I can say I was even lucky, it could have gone worse!”
What do you mean?
“During my rehabilitation program in Arco, I met some guys on wheelchair, guys who can never walk again… They gave me courage and strength, heartened me in the dark moments… Really. And this was a great motivation for me to work harder and get well the soonest”.
Let’s take a step back. What happened on April 12th?
“I was skiing on pist, at the instructor training, I don’t know, maybe a distraction or excessive confidence… Anyhow, I got my ski crossed backwards on a turn, it got stuck and then released me like a sling on the snow… I immediately passed out, and suffered a severe torn in the pubic synthesis, the pelvis area. Practically, I was broken in half!”
So, hospital and rehabilitation…
“Yes. I was in hospital for 64 days, first completely motionless, then gradually I started to move again, to restore mobility in my lower limbs. Pelvis injuries are terrible, in few days you completely loose balance and this is extremely difficult to regain. Anyway I was confident, I work hard mainly mentally to face rehabilitation at the top and accelerate recovery. I’ve done six hours per day in individual workout, first laid on the stretch, then, once out of the clinic, I started to walk slowly, then biking, but mostly a lot of swimming pool… The journey is still long, to complete the recovery it requires one year and a half!”
Did the injury affected your activity as guide and instructor?
“I have to say no. My clients even postponed their climb and tours to wait for me to come back… Some of them also came to visit me at the hospital, they really supported me. The work on snow has just started, so I hadn’t miss that much, and I’m ready to make easy stuff again”.
What are your next goals, also in connection with Kayland?
“I will organise again the Elbrus expedition, which with Kayland support was a great success this year. I could only participate on the phone, alas, being immobilized in bed! But this year there will be another shot and I’m sure with Kayland on my side things will be lighter. I’m really happy to give my little contribution to promote the brand!”

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