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IN PATAGONIA WITH DENIS AND PIPI | Updates from their trip

Some updates from Denis and Pipi from their trip to Patagonia.

Ascent to Mojón Rojo

On the 3th of January, we departed from Niponino where is located our deposit. The rain and the strong wind comes with us during the approach. Luckily, the weather forecasts for the next days were positive. Condition in the mountains this season is very dry. So we did the first 250 meters of the corridor climbing by rock.
We climb up by the second half of the corridor in soft snow and thin ice. Then the normal route turns to the right, following an easy slabs but the wind has increased incredibly, so we decided to continue straight on by mixed gulley to reach the saddle.

Despite of the hurricane, we continued on the eastern side of the mountain. Reaching the summit, and immediate descent to El Chalten, through Laguna Sucia. It was a round trip of 36 hours from "Lo de Trivi Hostal" and back.

It was dark night when we arrived, the stars were shining as we have never seen before in Patagonia. After few days, it was again time for another attempt, this time to Mermoz Needle. Ice in the cracks slowed the advance. The headlamps are in the deposit on the other side of the valley, Denis wants to continue climbing even if it takes all night, whereas Pipi is quite reluctant to descend in total darkness. Now in El Chalten the wind and the rain make an act of presence again.

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