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James Monypenny - Trans Andes Expedition

Job: Freelance Outdoor instructor / Expedition Leader

Date of birth
: 1988

: British

Favourite Kayland shoe
: 6001 GTX

: Mountaineering

Notable climbing achievements:
• Chinese Sichuan 2016, First ascent of Hutsa 5800m, by two new routes: Yak attack 1000m M5, AI 5 & 'Holographic Jesus 950m AI 6 and a repeat of Bird peak 5700m E3, M4. Also routes in the Jarjinbo and Contradiction spire.
• Attempt on twin peak II & Tangra tower Pakistan
• Indian Karakoram 2013: First ascent of Jungdung Kangri 6160m (3 new routes, up to ED1) for which we gained a long list nomination for the Piolet d’or mountaineering awards.
• Peru and Bolivia (2012):Urus, Ishinca (solo), Cordillera Blanca. Huayna Potosi 6088m (twice, once French route, then normal route + paraglider).
• Patagonia (2012/13): Fitzroy, supercandeleta. Aguja Guillaumet, Brenner-Moschioni. Aguja Poincenot, Whillans-Cochrane.
• Cochamo: 3 best lines were: Al Centro y Adentro 5.11c 1500 feet, Bienvenidos a mi Insomnio 5.11a 3000 feet, Las Manos del Dia 5.11+ 1800 feet

Trans Andes 2017
A 10 month Alpine climbing and paragliding odyssey throughout South America. Starting in August 2017 James Monypenny, joined by friends along the way, will embark on an epic journey, travelling by motorbike and paraglider, making several mountaineering first ascents & descents by paraglider.
Late August 2017 until May 2018
I want to be a part of exploring our world, pushing our limits and contributing to the accomplishments of alpinism. Whilst travelling and mountaineering in South America in 2012, myself and friend Cory Hall dreamt of returning to do a motor cycle mountaineering trip, combining as many expeditions as possible.
We are taking equipment to climb in light weight Alpine style. This essentially means that during a climb we will bring the absolute minimal amount of equipment to complete the climb, and therefore move in a fast and light way. We always endeavor to on-sight free climb were possible, meaning making upward progress only using our hands and feet to climb the snow/rock/ice and not aiding. We will stick religiously to traditional protection tactics, meaning that we will not place any permanent protection, and therefore leave behind no trace and maintain the wild nature of where we are climbing.

James is waiting for you!

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