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JANUARY REPORT BY SEB BOUIN | A month of full activity

We received an update from our Seb Bouin concerning his activity on last month, so here it is, in his words.

January was a month with perfect weather. My goal during this period was to train hard to be in an olympic shape in February, for my Spanish trip.

Training means spending time inside, in climbing gym.

Yet, I am in love with the rock and the nature. I can't train only inside.

So, my strategy was to climb and bolt during the day and working out during the evening, when everything is dark outside.

I need to keep my motivation burning, and the only thing that really makes me excited is the rock (and the nature).

Having said that, I had the time also to complete some hard first ascent in France:
  • "La folle histoire du monde" 8c at Thaurac
  • "La folle histoire immonde" 8c+/9a at Thaurac
It was a fun time to climb at home and prepare myself for something big. Now it's time to go ahead and see how it develops for my next objective, the mythique "Pachamama" 9a+/b. This route was only made by world champions, let’s see if I can add my name to this beauty.

ph: Raphael_Fourau

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