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KAYLAND 8001 | OutDoor 2019 Preview

From the precious collaboration with Denis Urubko, one of the very few mountaineers to have conquered all the peaks over eight thousand meters, the 8001 expedition boot is born, a perfect synthesis of innovative construction technologies, performances and usability.

Designed for expeditions to the highest and most challenging peaks on the planet, a true concentration of technology, 8001 ensures maximum thermal insulation, protection against snow infiltration and safe and rapid hooking with automatic crampons. The inner shoe, made of microfibre with reinforcements on the heel, ankle and toe, is padded with Primalofthollow fiber, which guarantees maximum isolation from the harsh external temperatures. Easy lacing even with gloves thanks to the fast sliding laces and differentiated lacing for an optimal fit.

The external structure of the boot is made of sturdy anti-breakage and water-repellent synthetic fabric with a high profile, to prevent snow from penetrating towards the foot, with an asymmetrical waterproof zip closure. The integrated Aerotherm technology protects from extreme cold, thanks to the composition of 90% air, using Aerogel, a high insulator with lower thermal condictivity than any solid. Strong, durable, flexible and without any loss of its properties even in case of strong loads.The high rubber band is applied to the outer shell for maximum resistance against abrasion. The complex insole is made of EVA and a heat-reflecting aluminum layer for greater thermal insulation from the ground and ice. The sole block is compact and hyper-technical, with a microporous midsole, SMART PU technology and TPU insert in the heel for secure hooking of crampons, and a Vibram Teton outsole to guarantee optimal traction in mixed and fresh snow conditions.

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