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Kayland Testing team | Using experience is the brand focus

At Kayland, prototypes and products are constantly tested, subjected to severe valuations to verify that quality guidelines fixed by brand policy are respected. As a matter of fact, one of the company focus is footwear research and development from the starting point of using experience, on the field.
This is the reason why, besides many sophisticated and notable tests performed in labs, Kayland has insisted extensively to aggregate a testing team, made by mountains professionals, internationally known, who are helping the brand to find the best practices and innovations to put onto the market of technical mountain footwear.
Top mountain figures, like mountain guides, mountaineers and mountain professionals, are often at Kayland facilities to discuss around products; with our r&d guys, the testing team go through real brainstorming sessions, in which they explain results from their testing on field, suggesting possible improvements or fine tuning to increase the performance at the highest level. So, innovations are alive, in terms of fitting, soles, materials, thanks to the ability of these people to think out of the box, with different schemes and mindsets than our internal technicians; a distinctive trait that allows an open confrontation leading to more possibilities to launch perfect products under all key aspects.
However, testing the products does not end here; often, there are development and valuation tests in consultation with some of the most important shops, giving a different perspective: in addition to the technical and performance point of view, they give some considerations on the sales impact, enhancing the effectiveness of testing on the products.
Kayland effort to supply top of the line footwear for innovation, materials and performances is a must, which is increased by this testing process and maintained constant through the collections.

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