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KAYLAND x OUTDOOR 2018 | Again, positive vibes for the footwear brand

Kayland's unstoppable march to conquer the summit among technical mountain footwear continues. Also during the last edition of the OutDoor fair, which this year was held still in the exhibition center of Friedrichshafen, on Lake Constance (next year it will move to Munich and will become OutDoor by Ispo), despite the poor attendance of the general public, the feedback on the new collection was excellent, especially for the mountain-oriented philosophy of the brand, close to mountain professionals and for this reason able to offer the best solutions for those who want to juggle climbing routes, trekking and backpacking.

A new stand, designed to welcome and impress the experts with images of great emotional impact and very technical content, obtained thanks to the expeditions made by Kayland ambassadors in every part of the world. Important feedback received on the collection, which introduced some brand new models, such as the flamboyant Vibe GTX, a shoe with multisport functionality, designed for everyday use and various activities in the mountains, breathable and lightweight thanks to the presence of aeration panels on the upper. Then, the consolidation of the Mountaineering collection with the introduction of new color variants on models with undisputed success, such as the Cross Mountain GTX, presented in a new black/yellow color that emphasizes its technicality and compact design.

The concept of nature and environment was the leitmotif of all communication, through the metaphor of the hexagon, a constituent and fundamental part of matter and thus ideally poured into the construction of the Kayland collection: a clear conceptual break, rich in connotations, which stands out in the communication of the outdoor business.

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