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LA RICERCA TECNOLOGICA | Per incrementare le performance - en

One of Kayland's commitments in the construction of mountain boots and trekking shoes has always been the research for cutting-edge materials and technologies, to provide excellent and long-lasting performance, with solutions designed specifically for trekking, hiking and the various types of mountain and outdoor activities.

The important stresses due to extreme temperatures, for example, have led to the replacement, in mountaineering boots, of the thick suede leather used in the past and subject to cracks, difficult to dry in snow and cold conditions, with hyper-technological materials such as water-repellent microfibre and anti-tear and anti-abrasion ceramic fabrics, which also allow effective thermal insulation and long-lasting protection, compared to leather, without omitting a certain degree of comfort, which, however, can be a determining factor in the category of mountain boots. These materials are then combined with synthetic membranes that, thanks to the technical composition, manage to let the humidity pass outwards but prevent the intrusion of snow and water into the mountaineering boot, in fact increasing the performance and the usability of these products.

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