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MARAMURES | In the heart of Europe

Europe still offers lands of beauty and wilderness, with infinite mountains, ancient forests and endless waters.

You will find such places in the heart of Europe, in Maramures region, Northern Romania, an heartful region with very special people, who still preserve ancestral traditions.

There is a fabulous natural life in the Carpathian Mountains: an explosion of wilderness that is home to many creatures. In this untouched natural environment bears, wolves and lynx roam free.

Some things have to be kept the way they are. With the establishment of the Maramuresului Mountains Natural Park fifteen years ago, human activities have ceased and many areas have been preserved totally. That action made the area wilder and unexplored.

Together with a group of friends, we adventured in these places, having as summit point Pop Ivan Peak (1.936m), the highest point on the Romanian border with Ukraine. We choose for ascent the wild and pathless Criva Valley, where only animals have left traces.

We have faced many obstacles: trees struck down by storms, swirling waters, canyons, small glaciers and waterfalls.

Due to the melting of the snow, waters whirling made the adventure even more intense. Our trail took us from one side to the other of the river, giving us a good opportunity to test our equipment. This was a very tough test, especially for the Kayland boots worn by each one of us. Anyway, as of everyone opinion, Kayland passed the test successfully.

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