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MARIO TALLER - I made a job out of my passion for mountains

Job: Alpine Guide and official Ski Instructors Trainer

Date of birth: 1965

Nationality: Italian

Favourite Kayland shoe: Vertigo K Mid GTX

Specialty: all mountain activities

I was born in the mountains and since when I was a child my father used to bring me to the Brenta river, on via ferreta and on the most beautiful summit around there (safety was something like really based on experience...).

I've always loved my mountains and I've always been longing for becoming an Alpine Guide. I've been obstinate and brave and in 1985 I became Ski Instructor and in 1990 I got the license to work as Alpine Guide and in 1992 I bacame official Ski Instructor Trainer.

Now I work as guide for my guests on the most beatiful peaks around the world so as to make them experience real unforgettable moments. 

What I like most?

Watching sunrise or sunset from a peak, in complete silence. 


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