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MARMOLADA | The Queen of Dolomites

With the elevation of 3343 meters above sea level, at Punta Penia, the Marmolada is the highest mountain of the dolomitic group, as well as Veneto. It is no coincidence that it is commonly called the "Queen of the Dolomites" for its grandeur and majesty, and until a few decades ago it was almost completely covered by an immense glacier, which due to global warming has been unfortunately retiring considerably, until it became practically unavailable for a of the most important activities of the mountain itself, summer skiing.

However, the winter ski resort is one of the largest in the Alps, and with various connections you can get to Val di Fassa, Alta Badia and the Alleghe and Falcade area. Not only skiing, however: the Marmolada offers countless trekking and hiking trails, with a beautiful crossing of the remaining part of the glacier and enchanting views of the Austrian Alps and the possibility of reaching the summit quite easily, naturally with the right equipment.

On the slopes of the mountain group, in a narrow valley, there are some of the most renowned icefalls among the climbers: they are the Serrai di Sottoguda, a place that is easily reachable on foot from Malga Ciapela, the cableway base at the foot of Marmolada, real heart of the district. The extent and height of these falls are truly incredible, therefore offering climbers various types of difficulty and are fantastic as alpine training.

To reach the Marmolada you can proceed from Alleghe to Caprile and then turn left towards Sottoguda; alternatively, from Canazei you take the SS641 road of Fedaia Pass and after the lake you arrive at Malga Ciapela. This last road, however, during the winter period is often closed because covered in snow.

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