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MILLEMONTI | Specialists in unusual destinations

MilleMonti was born from the common desire of a group of friends, passionate about mountain, travel and nature, with the collaboration and help of mountain guides and mountain guides, to organize itineraries and excursions to discover the most hidden and particular places in the world, always trying also to connect with the history, nature, culture and local people, without neglecting the gastronomy. And it does so not only in Italy, the travels of Millemonti in fact cover several foreign countries to the most extreme points of the globe.

How are these travel experiences organized? First of all, the focus is dedicated to the real discovery of the surrounding environment: therefore, in full respect of nature, under the banner of an ecological way of traveling, activities such as hiking, mountain biking, cycling, Nordic walking are practiced, and much more. Easy enogastronomic visits are also possible, really within everyone's reach, which make you know above all the specialties of some almost hidden places, touching with hands the production process and understanding its peculiarities directly in the place of origin. The activities are proposed at a slow pace, suitable for everyone, in small groups of people, to encourage the creation of a group of friends, favoring the relational aspect to the detriment of physical performance in the field. As the Millemonti boys say, we are a group, not the agonists!

There are many itineraries, from walks of many days in the mountains, to the visit of sea places, to get to the mountains of Nepal and to the discovery of different continents such as Africa and Australia. It is not necessary to be an athlete, it is only necessary an adventurous spirit, a genuine desire to discover new spots at 360 °, and the lightheartedness to enjoy every moment that this type of travel can give.

Kayland immediately believed in the project of Millemonti, and helps to support the activity of this group of true travel enthusiasts with footwear suitable to face all their adventures in the world.

Web site: www.millemonti.it
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MilleMonti.it

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