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NANGA PARBAT | La montagna degli dei - en

Among all the peaks over eight thousand meters above the Earth, one in particular has always inspired the imagination and ambition of mountaineers, since the dawn of exploration on these mountains. It is the Nanga Parbat, an imposing massif that is the only peak above the eight thousand meters not to be part neither of the Himalayan chain, nor of the Karakorum: it is in fact located in the Kashmir region. The ninth highest mountain in the world, with its 8126 meters above sea level reached by the main peak, it was the scene of countless attempts to climb, starting from the end of the nineteenth century, when, even before laying the foundations for the great mountaineering challenges of the 50s , the pioneer of the ascent Albert Mummery tried to conquer the summit, precisely in the summer of 1895. Unfortunately, his attempt ended up with a tragic destiny, since when he was around 7000 meters, however a quote of absolute respect given the equipment and the technical notions of the time, he was surprised and killed by an avalanche. The first ascent of the Nanga Parbat was completed by the great Austrian mountaineer Hermann Buhl in 1953, who reached the summit alone from the last base camp, without the aid of oxygen: it is the only absolute first climb performed by a single mountaineer on an eight thousand. In 1978, also, Reinhold Messner made the first solo ascent in alpine style from base camp of an eight thousand on Nanga Parbat.

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