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Nelson De Freyman challenges GRAVITY | The 2017 Red Bull X-Alps adventure is over

Clock stops on the world’s toughest adventure race after 12 days of dramatic racing. Driving rain, strong winds, thunderstorms and heat were daily business for the Red Bull X-Alps athletes...

For 12 days they have hiked and flown incredible distances across the Alps from Salzburg to Monaco. They’ve encountered driving rain, strong winds, thunderstorms and the sweltering heat of the Italian plains as they battled to complete one of the hardest editions of ‘the world’s toughest adventure race’.    

This is what our athlete, Nelson De Freyman, told us after the race:

“This is the end:        
Strange feeling to finish the second Red Bull Xalps in Italy 140 km was still separate us to the goal in Monaco. Well it was a really hard edition this year and I give my best and all my power for go farther as possible in this journey. With 690 km of hiking and more than 35000 m of D+ I finish the race exosted. The race start really well for me and I make a mistake in Lermoos and after make 3 days for get back in the group.    
Passing TP6 was a challenging day hiked more than 100 km for finish in the Air close to the turnpoint and fly fast in 50 km/h of west wind.          
The Xalps wasn't done yet and unfortunately I flew inside a CTR on Thursday and get a 48 hours penalty because the clock stop on Friday morning my penalty was to be back 48 hours before so in Locarno. Strange decision and so much effort for nothing but I make a mistake and I accept it.

Lot of good point during this race and some crazy errors but I'm glad to constant some progress. If I will be back in 2019? I don't know yet but this years I had the feeling to can make something in the race and I take much more pleasure than in 2015 so let see what will happened next but for sure Xalps will stay a huge adventure in my life.           

I would like to thanks in first my supporters you guy rock really. It's impossible to compete in the adventure without an amazing team and mine was for sure the best one, even when you were fighting with me for make me eat or rest we manage to keep a good friendship and a nice goal. Sleeping only 4 hours by night you had a great fighting spirit and we never give up.
So thanks to you guys you are awesome.

Thanks and see you soon for some new adventure around the world.”

Nelson De Freyman

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