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OutdoorTest.it | Real testing made by professional and passionate experts

Another website with on field fake tests made only to please companies? No, thanks.
From an idea of Alfredo Tradati, some years ago OutdoorTest.it was born, an online platform of suggestion and buying guide on a moltitudine of products connected to mountains, outdoors, biking and snow. Their goal is very easy and useful: being a valid adviser for the end user in choosing the right sport equipment, completing the information already online and offline with intense on field testing and detailed reports which summarize the exact final use of the products therefore helping the sport enthusiast to find the right materials.
The testing team, lead by Alfredo Tradati himself, historical alpine skiing tv broadcaster and former athlete, is composed by 20 testers, all of them chosen among athletes, professionals and expert amateurs, men and women. Thanks to this wide group, in the 4 annual sessions and in the continuous monthly tests, OutdoorTest.it is able to finish more than 250 “on the road” product tests, with the related online report, concrete usage analysis, buying video guide and detailed notes on every aspect of the product.
Kayland has strongly wanted to stand out with some styles on this web portal, in particular with Gravity GTX men and women; well, in addition of receiving some very positive judges, our products were appreciated also for their fit, comfort and versatility, which is exactly the features we want to highlight in these models and in our collection.
A winning approach, from all points of view, with a professionalism and reliability in the cooperation at all stages. Bravo to the team at ODT!

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