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PAOLO BUTTURINI | An Italian guide in Peru

Paolo Butturini is a Verona born alpine guide, member of the CAI since he was very young and a national mountaineering instructor since 1985. From 2000 to 2017 he was director of the mountaineering and free climbing school of the CAI section of Verona, and in the past he also held the prestigious role of member of the central commission of mountaineering schools and instructor at the material and technical studies center of Padua. In short, a substantial mountain and mountaineering technique experience. Of course, Paolo has always been personally involved in rock and ice climbs, which he has made all along the Alpine arc before, and then he has tried on the peaks of the Andes, such as the Cerro Tupungato or the ascent to Nevado Chopicalqui. Conquered by these places, it started a collaboration with the Peruvian guides and in 2019 became an honorary member of the Association of Mountain Guides of Peru.

The Association of Mountain Guides of Peru (AGMP) organized a safety and rescue course in dangerous areas with the participation of Guides from all over Peru, and Paolo was invited as a national mountaineering instructor of the Italian CAI. With the occasion, he was also able to showcase some models from the Kayland collection to the Peruvian guides. Obviously, a product particularly appreciated by the guides was the 6001 GTX, since in the Andean mountains often the altitudes that are reached are permanently above six thousand meters. Then, even the Super Ice Evo GTX and Vertex models have been successful, due to the technical features and versatility that these footwear offer. Thanks to Paolo, the Kayland brand has therefore acquired new admirers even among the Andean guides of Peru.

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