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Perù Expedition Report: Tito Arosio & friends attempting Siula Grande

Tito Arosio, Matteo Della Bordella and Matteo Bernasconi had to give up the climb to Siula Grande for bad meteorological conditions.
It has been a month since the three mountaineers left to Perù, with the goal of climbing the Siula Grande - 6344 meters in the Cordillera Huayhuash - on the east wall, obviously in alpine style.

Unfortunately, the weather was clement only during the acclimatization, but then it ruined the plans. After changing the climb line, they managed to attack the wall, proceeding until the snow forced them back to the base camp.           

Not having enough time to wait for a good weather condition, the only chance was to resume the homecoming...

"It ends here our adventure at Siula Grande, Perù. Needless to hide the disappointment for a weather that was perfect throughout the acclimatization phase, but then unfortunately it changed and did not leave us any concrete chance to climb this mountain. Too bad we could have done better but for this time things went so ..."

ph. Matteo Bernasconi

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