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Quattropassi | Discovering Central Italy

Quattropassi is an organization of medium mountains experts and professionals, located in Macerata (Italy), which holds a number of treks, adventures, travels, experiences and courses around the unbelievable environment of the Sibillini National Park, of the Conero and more enchanted places in the central part of Italy, alongside the Appennini.
Kayland, as usual, is happy to help out these initiatives targeted to value the territory and mountain peculiarities; the guys from Quattropassi are now heavy testing our Gravity GTX style, in a completely different terrain than the alpine one, with many grass meadows and woods, with difficult traction and uneven surfaces, giving us great feedbacks for the R&D department.
What are the activities that can be done with Quattropassi? Many treks to discover the nature and wilderness of Monti Sibillini, in land among Marche, Umbria and Abruzzo; some lovely tracks riding small donkeys (studied to provide a mindful and funny approach to trekking and nature for kids); the discover of the great food and wine excellences of Central Italy, tasted in their location of origin, like the Conero.
Besides, the guides are available for a tailored service, which includes personal guiding, groups and schools itineraries, approaching touring ski and higher altitude mountaineering, and also events and courses, even team building in the exclusive scenario of Appennino mountains, from where it is possible to admire the wide extension of forests and grass and often spot the Adriatic sea.

Website: www.quattropassi.org
Facebook: Quattropassi.Org

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